Pour les moments de This recipe is dedicated to my friend Kim who despite the nice Firenze weather, is fighting a sudden bronchio-congestive cold. But it's also a recipe that you can modify according to the ingredients that you have in the fridge or in your garden at the time. It's my favorite winter-sunday-night-there-is-nothing-left-to-eat recipe.

Main ingredient : GARLIC - about 2 heads of garlic. I even made it with frozen whole garlic that I found in Belleville in a chinese supermarket. Now I keep a bag of peeled frozen garlic cloves in my freezer for emergencies.

Crush about 5 cloves of garlic. Sauté in butter, add all the other cloves (whole) cover with water. Then you add everything else :

For the basic recipe :

  • thyme and/or oregano and/or rosemary
  • Salt, pepper, paprika or old bay seasoning
  • a couple small hot pepper (2 piments langue d'oiseaux)

The soup is ready when the garlic is soft. Taste and adjust the salt if necessary. I should be a little spicy. For those who like, you can whish an egg in the soup to add constitency and proteins.

For a more asian flavor I add to the basic recipe:

  • limes leaves or grated conbava
  • lemongrass
  • chopped ginger
  • frozen crabs

One day, I made chinese raviolis and cooked them in the soup. You can also add shrimp or scallops. Whatever tickles your fancy or whatever you find in your freezer !